Clinically Correct

We specialize in educating and empowering dental clinicians and dental team members to use CBCT imaging software efficiently and with proper diagnostic techniques.

Develop competency and confidence in your CBCT imaging capabilities with our training.
In-Office Training
The In-Office Clinically Correct Training Program is a hands-on and face-to-face approach. Your CBCT proficiency is nurtured and confirmed with practical evaluations in your own working environment.

The In-Office Clinically Correct Training Program consists of:
  • Audit of your current imaging techniques and images
  • Foundations of creating Clinically Correct images
  • Recognizing and correcting reconstruction errors
  • Essential elements of specialty-specific imaging reports
  • Invivo / Tx Studio Software proficiency training
  • Advanced custom tailored software training
  • Practical evaluations after completing the program
The In-Office Clinically Correct Training Program consists of eight hours of training per day and ranges from one to five days depending on the number of doctors and team members attending.

For more information or to purchase your In-Office Clinically Correct Training Program, please call us at 925-247-5396 or contact us